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Social media marketing has been touted as one of the top business methods of making contact with your customers, building customer loyalty, increasing repeat business and generating new leads.  The facts support the hype – only if you know how to optimize each of your social sites for mobile devices as well as for your main site.

Yes, there is always a “trick” to getting noticed on the web! That’s the reason that SEOs are vital to your ability to grow your business.

Did You Know that …

  • 50% of Facebook’s mobile traffic is derived from cell phones
  • Traffic from mobile users increased more than Facebook’s total growth last year
  • 85% of Tweets are done on mobile devices
  • 300 Million + people actively use G+ to share information with their friends, family and business acquaintances
  • 10% of clickthrough rates occur in ads placed on G+

Social media is here and is important to use correctly if a business wants to grow and maintain its customer base. Mobile optimization is an imperative to this success in 2014.

A Couple of Simple Tips

Here are just a couple of tips that you can do to increase the awareness of your social media presence.

  • On your main website and blog site, instead of using the “Find Us on Facebook” link, use your brand name “JoeSmith/Facebook”
  • Use the profile page on all your social media sites to tell who you are and how you became an authority in your field – each profile must be independently written not copy-paste repeats – present yourself as a human being not a robot
  • Link all your social sites together on your main site as well as on each of the social sites and don’t forget your blog
  • Use a QR code app instead of a link for mobile users to access your Facebook site without having to loggin

A professional SEO service can set up tracking and analysis programs for your Facebook, Twitter and Google+ sites. Tracking where and when your visitors are coming from and how often they share, cataloging their likes and dislikes allows you to know what information they really want.

Using Social Media

There are ways to use social media to grow your business.  It’s not easy and its not instantaneous but it is extremely effective when the effort is made.

Facebook and Twitter followers are notorious for posting complaints about a business on the business’ Facebook wall for all to see. The strongest and largest corporations can be taken down by tweets and posts that blast them for poor service or cheating the customer in some way if those complaints go unresolved publically.

Target experienced such demise two years ago in Australia when they failed to deliver Christmas purchases made 4 – 6 weeks in advance on time. They are still trying to recover the huge numbers of customers lost to the Facebook complaints about their failure.

By contrast, a three-plane airline operating in Asia grew to a 200-plane airline in less than two years by using Facebook to garner leads, generate interest and interact on a personal level with followers.

Google+ is now the second largest social site on the web.  It is also one that is preferred by businesses because it can generate reports about the activity on the account that can be sent to the owner. Unlike Facebook that requires close monitoring, G+ sends flags up that are visible to businesses without the need to have that window open constantly.

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Description: Utilizing social media SEO to grow business and conversions

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