7 Examples of Subject Lines that Get Your Emails Opened

Some emails subject lines get far more opens that others. The objective of the subject line is to get the email opened, nothing more. Making promises we can’t keep, or being overly sensational will cause antipathy and lead to unsubscribes.

Your task is to know which these are and utilize them and resist the urge to get clever and try and use clickbait and other tactics that may actually work against you. It’s far better to deal in truth, and utilize proven subject line types that employ sound principles to get your emails opened. Listed below are 7 of the top opened types of email subject lines.

7 Email Subject Lines That Consistently Get Higher Open Rates!

Benefit: Everyone wants to know what’s in it for them. Benefit laden subject lines usually suggest a promise, often with an element of time involved. (Everyone also wants it yesterday!) An example would be “Create a second income stream in less than 30 days!”

Ask Questions: By doing so you’re begging a response that often gets answered by them opening the email to find the answer. “Do you really have time to do all this work yourself?”

How-To: Information is golden, and assuming your audience is the least bit interested in your subject, many will want to find out “How to make a Killer Bacon Omelette in 7 Minutes and 15 Seconds!”

Targeted your audience: Knowing specifically who you are talking to helps increase open rates by hitting the particular interests they have. “Only open if you’re a frequent traveler tired of all the standing in lines!”

Use Lists and Tips: Providing quick research for people is a proven winner, and will get you gonzo open rates. “7 Tips and Tricks for Ditching Your Lousy Job”

Employ Superlatives: The words “Fastest”, “Easiest” and “Best” when injected into your subject lines are enticing for people who want the info but haven’t the time or know-how to search for it.

Give Answers: Some of the most consistently opened subject lines are those that pose questions. “7 Reasons Why It’s Your Couch’s Fault You’re Overweight!”

Try using some of these types of subject lines and see your open rates soar!

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