5 Huge Mistakes Most Google Adwords Marketers Make While Promoting a Local Business

When you utilize pay per click marketing appropriately, you have the chance to greatly increase your traffic, as well as your bottom line. However, when used inappropriately, pay per click marketing can end up wasting you a lot of money. How do you ensure your business gets the best possible results out of your efforts? Well, by avoiding the wrong things, for beginners. Here are five huge mistakes most pay per click marketers make while promoting a business:

Focusing solely on click-through rate. Your Google Adword click-through rate is the number of clicks your ad gets. Of course, this number is relevant, but it is not nearly as important as your conversion rate – or, the number of click-throughs that actually turn into paying customers. Think of it this way: you are spending money on your ad, and your ad is only effective if it is generating income for you. Therefore, a lot of click-throughs and very little income means that you need to rethink your post click-through marketing.

Not learning how to use conversion metrics. So you now understand that conversion rate is king when it comes to measuring the success of your Google Adwords campaign. Now you need to learn how to assess your conversions. This may be difficult if you already have a stream of online income outside of your pay per click advertising . . . that is, unless you know how to interpret the metrics.

Budgeting incorrectly. It might seem to you that the best way to set your budget would be to simply decide how much money you are comfortable spending on pay per click advertising. However, that is lazy (hence, ineffective) budgeting. Base your budget on your rate of return, and nothing else.

Leaving your ad as-is. Regardless of how well your pay per click marketing is doing, there is no doubt that you can improve your results by tweaking it here and there. When using Google Adwords, you have some great tools for this at your fingertips; use “bid simulator” and “campaign experiment” to play with your ads a bit, in order to improve on them (and improve on your results) as you go.

Sticking with one match type. It may be tempting to use only the “broad match” feature once you’ve found a keyword that seems to be working. However, keep in mind that you have other options provided to you – namely exact match, phrase match, and modified broad match – that may serve your ads better. Again, experiment until you get it right.

Successful pay per click marketing is the result of extensive data analysis, creative problem solving, and testing through trial and error. To get the most return on your investment, you may want to put your pay per click marketing campaigns into the hands of experienced professionals like us, Strategic Online Services. We can be reached by phone, at (262) 366-9350.

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