5 Easy Steps for Setting Up a Google Adwords Pay Per Click Marketing Campaign

If you want to put pay per click marketing to work for your business, then you will be pleased to know that creating and implementing your advertising campaign is a relatively simple process that anybody can do.  Want to know how to get started?  Here are five easy steps for setting up a pay per click marketing campaign:

Do your keyword research.  The way pay per click marketing works is that your ad will be displayed prominently on the search engine results page when certain terms are used in the search bar.  You must specify which search terms you want your pay per click ads associated with.  These are called keywords, or keyword phrases.  Some keywords are more likely than others to get the results you want, and some are in high demand among marketers.  The keywords you choose will determine how visible your ad is to your target market, as well as how much you will pay for your advertising.  Choose carefully, using metrics from the free Google Adwords Keyword Tool as a guide.

Access Google Adwords.  You can access Adwords through your Google home page.  You will need a Google account to set up an Adwords campaign, so if you do not yet have a Google account, now is the time to get one.

Choose your target demographic.  Through the Google Adwords interface, you have several options as to who you want to market to, and when.  This is where you can get very specific about targeting your ads to get the most bang out of your buck, so you should put some serious thought into the age range and geographic region your ads display to, as well as in what block of time.

Create your ad.  Again, this is made easy through the Adwords interface.  However, wording your ads may not be as easy.  You have very little space to relay your message.  Choose your words carefully.  It is a good idea to insert some strong keyword phrases directly into your ads, in addition to the keywords you link your ads to.

Set your budget.  You will have to pay for every click your ad gets.  The amount of money each click will cost is determined by the keywords you link your ad to.  The more in demand your keyword phrase is among advertisers (this is called “competition”), the more you will have to pay per click, and Google will display your ad until you have maxed out your budget.  It is a good idea to start out small, and make revisions to your ad as you go.

Successful pay per click marketing is the result of extensive data analysis, creative problem solving, and testing through trial and error.  To get the most return on your investment, you may want to put your pay per click marketing campaigns into the hands of experienced professionals like us, Strategic Online Services.  We can be reached by phone, at (262) 366-9350.

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