What is Social Media Marketing?

Today, there is a giant spur in the discussion about Digital Marketing. Every entrepreneur wants to know how he can use it for his business and if carefully observed, you would frequently come across one term, and that is, Social Media Marketing. It is comparatively new… till now social media was perceived as a fun tool for teenagers but it has changed. It is, today, considered as one of the most important marketing tool for any business, irrespective of its size.

What is social media marketing?

So now, that leads us to the most important question, what is Social Media Marketing? In simple words, we can define it as the use of the power of social media to reach your prospective customers. This can be used in many ways, to create a buzz about launching a new product, to drive targeted traffic to your website, to spread the word about your business virally, to sell products, etc. etc.

There are various sites available now where millions of people can be seen hanging out daily, like Facebook, Twitter, Reditt to name some of them. They manage to engage people; they do have a tendency to share what they like and it’s a huge advantage from the marketer’s perspective.

Its importance:

If you compare with traditional advertising media options, like hoardings, newspapers or even television, known for attracting millions of eyeballs for ages, to any ad playing, you would see billions of people spending more and more time on internet and specially, on social media sites like Facebook. This enables you to target almost anyone available on internet. You do not need to restrict yourself to your locality or even country.

The other advantage is that you need not target customers blindly. You can easily get your hands on many details about customers that make it easier to target them on the basis of demographics, geography, their likes, dislikes etc.

The tracking system is so sophisticated that you can literally track each and every penny you have spent over advertising. You can make your future plan more perfect, you can optimize your campaigns for the best ROI and it can be done very easily.

And last but not the least, this media is cheaper and gives everyone a level playing ground. Your advertising budget could be as less as $5, you have freedom to choose your cost per click, you are only paying when your prospective is taking a desirable action, which is clicking on your ads, clearly indicating that he wants to know more about your services and products.

Frankly speaking, it has changed the entire scenario of marketing and without any doubt, it’s a future medium of advertising that is cheap, trackeable, easy to use and most importantly, super targeted! I am sure; no entrepreneur would be able to avoid it in his marketing plan.

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